Thursday, April 10, 2014

Implementation Research

The study consists of several stages, namely: 1. Orientation field, 2. Experiment field, which includes soil sampling, measurement of temperature, humidity and pH of the soil, 3. Experiments in the laboratory which includes the extraction and identification of soil fauna, as well as the analysis of the content of C and N soil.
1. Orientation course Orientation field is intended to locate and determine the Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia   appropriate location for research purposes to obtain the desired location of the study in accordance with the purpose of research. In this study determined the location of the research is in the Oil Palm Plantation Forest Area District of Hope Bejubang, Jambi Province. Geographically this region is located between 103015'0 south latitude and 205'0'', 5'' east longitude.
Field Experiment Soil sampling as a place to live Collembola performed using a drill with a soil sample ring diameter and 5 cm high. Soil sampling is done randomly. For soil sampling in Oil Palm Plantation Forest Area around Hope performed in 5 plots with each plot size of 50m x 50m. within each plot contained 5 subplots with the size of each subplot 5m x 5m. soil sampling done as much as 3 soil samples from each subplot (figure 3.1).
Figure 3.1. Soil sampling at each subplot
Soil samples will be taken once a month for six months, in other words taking three soil samples during the wet season and dry season three soil samples. Similarly, for the measurement of pH, temperature, and humidity done once a month for six months. The instrument used for the measurement of pH by using litmus paper is to take soil and mix with water and then measured. While the temperature measurement using a soil thermometer that is by plugging the ground and see the temperature changes that occur. For moisture measurement using the calculation of water content, using the formula: % Water = (B - (C - A)) / B x 100% A = weight of cup B = Weight of materials C = weight of dish + substance
Laboratory Experiment Analysis of N and C Analysis of N and C performed at the Laboratory of Soil and Environmental Biotechnology IPB ITSL. Analysis of N using the Kjeldahl method (1883), while for C analysis using the method of Walkley & Black.
Extraction Collembola Soil samples obtained from the field were brought to the
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 laboratory to do eksteraksi process. The process of extraction is done by using the tool Kempson extractor for 7 days with a temperature of 60oC pounds. Soil fauna reservoir bottle containing ethylene glycol has been placed under the filter (Figure 2.3). After the extraction process is complete, then the soil fauna is stored in a container of 70% alcohol for identification.

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Among Friends CLEAR there are not ya , narcissistic hobby ?

Among Friends CLEAR there are not ya , narcissistic hobby ? Hmm .. seems like quite a lot , well legitimate aja kok Temans . Anyway photographed narcissistic fun if we could make the middle form bersukyur with what we have , just keep in mind it's not Berita Bola an exaggeration either you know.
And talking about the photo , anyone who becomes a model would want the best results , as it was the only way that can be done by the models is to maximize her potential . So , perhaps among Friends CLEAR there who find it difficult to be able to always look fresh and pretty experienced while in the photo , can follow the following tips :
1 . Use Concealer To Cover StainsYup ! You're absolutely right , now again its time to edit to edit , especially for a small stain on the face , does not need to be a big problem . But if you can perform the original looks pretty and fresh - why should manipulate it ?
It is better if you use a concealer that will help cover scars and dark circles eyes small facial blemishes other . So the face will no longer look dull and glazed .
2 . Choose a Qualified MakeupMake Friends CLEAR who perform special services pemrotetan with a photographer , do not just focus at the display aja ya , also meet the needs in her makeup . You see , as good as any photo techniques , it will not draw with makeup that was far below standard .
For that, choose quality makeup which can be durable and soft natural look on the face . Quality makeup generally not easily fade due to sweat or hot weather .
3 . Give Rona FaceFace shortage of makeup will look pale in the photos, plus more if the lighting is very bright . Therefore , usually face tone should stage
Prediksi Bola more ' menor ' than everyday makeup . What is not excessive ? Nah really, when seen in person does indeed greatly exaggerated , but once the photos have been finished , the result looks more natural makeup .

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Kompasiana is Citizen Media

Kompasiana is Citizen MediaHow Brilliant
Pacitti is now working at KEO Films , which is located in London . The boss , Rob Love , said it was difficult not to look at the ads that made ​​Pacitti
Kontes seo 2014.
" He has done something brilliant by making disturbing about her campaign in an innovative way in cyberspace . Through the campaign he has shown the quality and talent he has, " he said .
Currently , Pacitti was working on a project that motivated her experiences in finding a job . He plans to create a program to help others get a job as gratitude and thankfulness .
" I know how difficult a job this time . Therefore very pleasant when given the opportunity to help others get jobs , "
kontes seo 2014 said Pacitti . ( ren )

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How to Preserve Plants Mangosteen

How to Preserve Plants Mangosteen - Aquaculture farmers . There are several things that need to be passed in the mangosteen plant conservation , among others :
1 ) Clearing Crop

Weeding is done in continuous & should be done in conjunction with the adoption & cultivation that is viewed twice a year.
2 ) Perempalan / Pruning

Pulau Pari
The mangosteen tree branches overgrown twins & have no fruit should be pruned for preventing pest infestation & diseases. Use scissors to crop I clean & sharp for avoiding infection & lapisi former crop with ter .
3 ) FosteringTypes & nurturing dosage organized are:

Mangosteen trees aged 6 months nurtured mixture of urea , SP- 36 & KCl ( 3:2:1 ) of 200-250 grams / tree .
1-3 year old trees nurtured mix 400-500 grams of urea, 650-700 grams of SP -36 & 900-1000 grams KCl ( 3:1:2 ) given two to three times viewed .
Apply for a 4 year old & the next cultivated a mixture of urea , SP- 36 & KCl ( 1:4:3 ) of 3-6 kg.pohon plus 40 kg / tree manure . Fertilizer sprinkled about in the run / paste in the holes around the stem with a diameter measurements as far as the title of a tree. viewed in run & a hole about 10-20 cm while the distance between the holes around 100-150 cm.
4 ) Irrigation & Watering

Crop -liver mangosteen
Agen Bola Online under five years requires the availability of water & elbow continues to be watered once a day or two . While the mangosteen tree -liver more than five years, the frequency of watering can be reduced gradually . Watering is done by means of the morning flood irrigation channels or watered.
5 ) Provision of Mulch

Straw mulch spread 3-5 cm thick covering the soil around the stem tenderfoot for pressing small weeds , keep moisture & aerated & reduce water evaporation . Read More about Raising through the following link >> Mangosteen Mangosteen Fruit Cultivation
This article How to Preserve Plants Mangosteen , may be beneficial . to crop cultivation medium is becoming one of the most desirable method by farmers who have knowledge of hand to mouth . Narrow land often become obstacles farmers to grow the crop yield that is why knowledge should vertikultur widely known . Vertikultur is one method of cultivation in the form of vertical or rise slowly . Until very suitable here applied in a narrow area as densely populated residential areas . Public farmers rarely know the technique, that's why this time we discuss how vertikultur crop cultivation .
How Raising CropsCrop cultivation way chili is a plant most vulnerable to insect and disease attack , sanitation, irrigated land in chili is needed to avoid land to host pests and diseases. Clearing weeds around plants that have to be done because of the pepper plant weed is affecting the growth and production of chili . Pepper plant likely unable to compete in taking soil nutrients , in addition to the weed hosts for crop pests . To avoid this chili cultivation is generally done in a way to provide mulch MPHP at Embankment . In addition to environmental sanitation maintenance pepper plant also requires more attention than any other vegetable .
Agen Judi BolaThis time I will give information on how a pepper plant care :

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A dose of 15 to 20 grams ( one half ounce )

A dose of 15 to 20 grams ( one half ounce ) will usually meet the Recommended Daily Allowance ( RDA ) for adults . Approximately 30 to 32 grams are needed to strengthen and tone anabolically someone , while anywhere from 15 to 20 grams is essential for the maintenance of good health in adults active .
Children from 3 to 5 years need 12 grams of pollen , while from 6 to 12 years need 16 grams per day .
The daily dose can be increased up to 35 grams ( 1 ounce equals 28 grams ) , given the differences in age , weight and overall health condition . This dose will also provide greater preventive care to deficiencies of essential amino acids .
Do not start using bee po JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAllen with doses greater than 1 tablespoon , twice a day . After one week , gradually increasing the dose of 1 tablespoon to 4 tablespoons ( 1 tablespoon equals about a quarter ounce ) . An ounce of bee pollen ( 4 tablespoons ) is the equivalent of three meals cooked in terms of nutritional content .
While these small doses , this gives a mild hypotension , also has stimulant properties and can disrupt your digestive system if consumed in large quantities during the early stages ( due to strong cleaning effect ) .

Digested pollen should preferably on an empty stomach , and there is no danger of toxicity from ingesting it ( since it is a pure product ) .
Pollen is collected for human consumption requires careful processing techniques , including drying , cleaning and sorting . Bee pollen should be chosen for its quality and taste , particularly because of the amount of flavor in any food provided usually determines the level of nutrient content . Proper processing requires careful handling , and poor quality pollen ( cheap price ) should always be avoided . Whole range bee pollen taste of bitter sweet , depending on the particular variety or type of interest acquired .
Pollen must be kept refrigerated or stored in cool and dry place at all times to protect the vital quality . Cooking is not recommended , because of the destruction of essential enzymes caused by excessive heat .
Bee pollen should be consumed in its pure form at least 30 minutes before eating , especially if it is used for the purpose of excess weight loss . It can also be mixed with honey , so as to produce a substitute for candy if made ​​into cakes and dried under direct sunlight . Pollen also be a healthy substitute for breast milk AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

when combined with nut milk , like almond milk . It can also be mixed into a fruit or vegetable sauce , or you can dissolve the pollen in your favorite fruit tea herb , or vegetable juice ( eg , pineapple and tomato juice mix together well ) . Pollen can also be sprinkled on ice cream , granola , sandwiches or salads , or take a banana and dip it directly into pollen . You also may want to dissolve 1 teaspoon of pollen and 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water and drink before breakfast .

Pollen can be consumed in its natural form pellets , or maybe powder using a coffee grinder or blender to incorporate into the butter , peanut butter , or a mixture of butter and honey .

Bee pollen should not be purchased in the form of powder , tablets or capsules , since every process of destruction of commercial pollen is usually accompanied by a forgery .

Pollen will usually ferment within 24 hours if it is moist and not refrigerated .

HBCBET.COM Pasaran Taruhan Judi Bola Online terbaru di asia

Heat usually will lower the value of bee pollen health , as is the case with almost any food .

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Dragon miro ( UK : pitaya )

Dragon miro ( UK : pitaya ) waa midhaha dhowr nooc oo tiin ka soo Hylocereus Jiilka iyo Selenicereus . Miro Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya waa hooyo si Mexico , Central America iyo South America , laakiin hadda la sidoo kale beerayaa wadamada Asia sida Taiwan , Vietnam , Philippines , Indonesia iyo Malaysia . Miro ayaa sidoo kale waxaa laga heli karaa anything , reer binu Israa'iil oo , waqooyiga Australia iyo koonfurta Shiinaha . Blooms Hylocereus kaliya habeenkii .
In 1870 the dadka Faransiis ah ayaa laga keenaa Guyana si Vietnam sida geedka ah ornamental . By dadka Vietnamese iyo Chinese loo arkaa inuu barako . Sidaa darteed , midhaha waxaa had iyo isjacayl laba Sidaana waxa masduulaa cagaaran oo lab on top of table meesha allabariga ku . Midabka cas ee midhaha eegayaa dawacooyinku ay green midab kala duwanyihiin . Midhaha caado this ka dhex Vietnamese dadka aadka u saamayn ku dhaqan Chinese loo yaqaan Loy thang ( miraha masduulaa ) . Ereyga Thang Loy ka dibna loo tarjumay Yurub iyo dalalka kale ee ku hadla Ingiriisi sida miraha masduulaa ( miraha masduulaa ) .

1 duwan
2 digidda
3 masduulaa beeridda miro
4 Faa'iidooyinka miro masduulaa
5 , Cayayaanka iyo cudurada
Magaca waxaa loola jeedaa nooc dhirta la cuni karo midhaha miro masduulaa :

Hylocereus undatus , kaasoo midho leh oo cas oo jidhka cad oo leh .
Hylocereus polyrhizus , midhaha casaan jidhka cas leh .
Selenicereus miro megalanthus leh maqaarka oo jaalle ah oo jidhka ku caddaan .
Hylocereus costaricensis , miro masduulaagii aad ula midab aad u casaan ah midhaha .
amabaUndatus Hylocereus midho badan .
Amaba The geedka miraha masduulaagii wuxuu ka kooban yahay oo xididdada , laamo , qodxantiina waa , ubaxa , iyo khudrad . Xididdada oo miro masduulaagii aad si fudud yahay oo xididdada xaad miidhan bay sii kordhaya carrada kor ku xusan oo xididdada ka soo laalaadeen ul . Xididada kobciyo asliga ah ee geeska dambe ee ay Finland u ah in jirridda . On Qodaxda , kori doono ubax u eg ubax Wijayakusuma . Ubax horumarinta galay miro ma dhicin ma . Dragon miro size ee qaab wax yar ofaalka leh avokadada wareega . Maqaar miro Bright cas for nooca miro masduulaagii ahaa caddaan iyo casaan ah , guduud mugdi inay midho u masduulaa madow iyo miro masduulaagii aad huruud ah si huruud ah . On maqaarka oo dhan waxaa ka buuxsamay oo faraqa yihiin tarjumaysaa Cadilka bahal weyn . Sidaa darteed , midhahan loo yaqaan miro masduulaagii ahaa .
Stem waa saddex xagal ah ee
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAqaabka , jirad aad u gaaban oo inconspicuous , sidaas darteed inta badan loo arkaa " tiin spineless " . Ubax The Bloom fiidka hore marka iyo burooyinkeeda iyo ubaxa mar horeba lagu qiyaaso ilaa 30 cm . Tent dibadda ah ay yihiin cream - leh midab , halka ubaxyada ku saabsan sagaal ayaa roob , iyo waxa ku xiga taajkii qaybta cad , waxaa ka mid ah tiro ka mid ah stamens huruud ah . Ubax sida masaf ugu dambeyntii waxay ahayd si buuxda u furan yahay in habeenbadhkii , sababta oo ah miro masduulaagii ahaa waxaa loo yaqaan habeen ubaxu cereus . Marka in ubaxyada dawlada buuxda , miro masduulaagii aad ku fidaa oo caraf udgoon ah . Caraf Tani si ay usoo jiitaan fiidmeerta , sidaa darteed ubax miro masduulaagii aad u rimiyaan .Dragon miro beerashada
Guud ahaan , miraha masduulaagii ahaa kaymo by gooyn ama farcankiisii ​​seeding . Geedaha baraaraan doonaa haddii beeray warbaahinta ay usahashay ( ma dhoobo ) , nafaqo hodanka ah , bacaadka ah , iftiinka qoraxda ku filan iyo heerkulka u dhexeeya 38-40 ° C. Haddii daryeel ah ay wanaagsan tahay , geedka bilaabi doonaan inay midho u dhali at da'da 11-17 bilood . Miro Dragon waa mid aad u maqa- beerayaa nolol heer sare ah oo kala duwan leh sare 0-1200 m heerka badda . Waxa ugu muhiimsan qaadanaya qorraxda oo ku filan waa looga baahan yahay ee koritaanka miro masduulaa cas .
Miro Dragon in la abuuri karaa qaba xaaladaha ciidda iyo sare ee goob kasta , laakiin waa nafaqo warshad ilaa xad voracious , sidaas darteed haddii ciidda ku jira bacriminta waa wanaagsan , ka dibna koritaanka wanaagsan u noqon doonaa . Gudahood 1 year , geed miro masduulaa height a of 3 mitir ka gaari karin . Sida laga soo xigtay ilo qaar ka mid ah , khudrad masduulaagii wuxuu aan la ballaaran beerayaa Indonesia . Intaa ka hor , aagga Mojokerto , Jember , Malang , Pasuruan , Aromo , Roxburgh , Kalibawang , Kulon Progo , Bandung iyo Batam waa aag ayaa liyo, dhirta this .The benefits of miro masduulaa
Waayadan miro masduulaa Red inta badan waxay iftiimisay sida mid ka mid ah midhaha in badan oo ka mid ah faa'iidooyinka si ay kaaga caawiso iyo caawin daaweeyo cudurro kala duwan . Start masduulaagii stem miro , jidh leh miro masduulaa , miro masduulaagii ahaa in ay maqaarka sidoo kale waxa uu wax badan oo fitamiin iyo walxaha in ay yihiin waxtar bay u . Dhakhaatiirta ayaa sidoo kale sare miro masduulaa Cas , sida isticmaalka miro in loo isticmaali karaa therapy ee daaweynta cudurka a .

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAWaa kuwan qaar ka mid ah faa'iidooyinka miro masduulaa :

Oo masduulaagii Red miro caawimo kansarka daawo , content ee fitamiin oo adag , ayaa ku taliyay dhakhaatiir ka dhalatey ee dabiibka daaweyn kansarka .
Qurxiyaan ka muuqday , oo leh content ay vitamin C , Waa wax sare , miro masduulaa cas waxay ka caawisaa dhowro caafimaadka ee maqaarka , xataa miro iyo maqaarka kaloo loo isticmaali karaa sida xaaqinka .
Maadaama macaan ee miro masduulaa cas oo aan ka soo glucose , miro masduulaa Cas wuxuu sidoo kale kaa caawin kara macaanka daawo .
Ilaali caafimaadka iyo adkeysi , la antioksidanter iyo fitamiino .
Ka ilaali osteoporosis ama kalshum lafaha , sababta oo ah miro masduulaa cas ee ku jira waxyaabo badan oo kaalshiyam ah organic .
Cayayaanka iyo cudurada
Cayayaanka laga helay ee cayayaanka miraha masduulaa qaasin ( Hemiptera : Pseudococcidae ) noocyada Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi , virgata Ferrisia , iyo Planococcus sp , aphids ( Hemiptera : Aphididae ) ee masaaridu , Branchycaudus helichrysi Aphis gossypii .. , iyo Toxoptera odinae , quraanjada ( Hymenoptera : Formicidae ) JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA ocyada Oecophylla sp , sp Camponotus , sp Euprenolepis , iyo Polycharis sp , kabajaan ( Orthoptera : Acrididae ) noocyada sp Valanga , sp Oxya , iyo sp Atractomorpha , caarada ( Acarina : Tetranycidae ); mulaca ( Achatina Acathina ) , iyo shimbiraha . Digaagga ma loo arkaa cayayaanka , laakiin waxay keeni kartaa dhaawac culus u midhaha haddii loo ogolaado in ay goob joog beerta noqon . Cudurada oo miro masduulaa waxaa laga helaa miridhku ku algae cas ( Cephaleuros sp . ) , Oranji Khamrigu kaalinta ( sp Fusarium . ) , Khamri White ( Botryosphaeria sp . Iyo sp Phomopsis . ) , Stem -engeeg ( Helminthosporium sp . ) Oo anthracnose ( sp Colletotrichum . ) , Dothiorella kaalinta , kallana brown stem , stem huruud ah , kallana miro ( Colletotrichum sp . , iyo sp Helminthosporium . ) ® All miro kaalinta ( sp Alternaria . ) . A cudurka kaalinta madow on jir ah oo aan la aqoonsaday . Cayayaanka iyo cuduro aan la maamusho nidaam gaar ah , laga yaabee sababta oo ah dhacdo ma keeni ee khasaaraha muhiim ah . [1]Referral

Kala duwan oo siyaabo kala Beeraha iyo miro masduulaagii ahaa . ( Http :/ / ) ( )

^ Octaviani , Riska DWI . " Cayayaanka iyo Cudurrada Plant Dragon Miraha ( Hylocereus sp . ) Oo cultured in Yogyakarta . " . IPB - Range Beeraha ee Jaamacadda . Keenay 2013-05-26 .

Felger , Richard & Caynaba , Mary B. ( 1985 ) : People of the lamadegaanka iyo badda : ethnobotany ee Taxanaha Indians ah . University of Arizona Press , Tucson
Jacobs , Dimitri ( 1999 ) : Pitaya ( undatus Hylocereus ) , a New Dalag suura gal ah oo Australia . -Galab New Australian Newsletter 11 : 16.3 . fulltext HTML
Lauri , Bob ( 2000 ) : Badweynta Oasis Field Guide - gummosus Stenocereus . Laga keenay 2007 -Oct- 01 .
Villalobos , Soraya ; Vargas , Orlando & Melo , Sandra (2007) : go'do , manejo y Conservacion de " Yosu " , Stenocereus griseus ( Epiphyllum) en la Alta Guajira colombiana [ Embed , Management iyo Conservation of Yosu , Stenocereus griseus ( Epiphyllum) , Golaha Sare ee Guajira ah , Colombia ] . [ Isbaanish leh aan la taaban karin In Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia giriisi ] ACTA Biologica Colombiana 12 ( 1 ) : 99-112 . PDF fulltext
Cayayaanka iyo Cudurrada Plant Dragon Miraha ( Hylocereus sp . ) Oo cultured in Yogyakarta . [1]

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quadro e funzioni del corpo umano

A. Quadro e funzioni del corpo umano1 . Quadro per il corpo umanoScheletro umano è comJasa Pembuatan Websiteposto di vari tipi di osso , secondo le ossa che compongono la forma del telaio possono essere suddivisi in tre tipi come segue :un . Bone tuboPer esempio , l'osso del braccio , il femore , e il vaso segmento osseo .b . ossa breviAd esempio , le ossa del polso e piede , le articolazioni della colonna vertebrale .c . ossa piatteAd esempio, scapola , sterno , costole e del bacinoLe ossa che formano il telaio umano sono raggruppate in tre parti , vale a dire lo scheletro ( cranio ) , corpo scheletrico , e ossa degli arti .un . Quadro Bone Head ( Skull )skeleton + testa % 29 + % 28tengkorak organi umani e funzioniQuadro Bone Head ( Skull )Il quadro è composto dai capi delle ossa piatte sono legati gli uni agli altri .Cranio è diviso in due , e cioè :

Cranio ossa della faccia o la faccia , costituito dalla mascella superiore, inferiore mascella , zigomi , le lacrime osso , osso nasale , osso palatino e della lingua .
Cranio di scheletro , costituito da cranio posteriore ossa della fronte , le ossa della corona , due templi osso , due filtri osso , e un cuneo di osso .
b . Bone Entity Framework

Jasa Buat Website MurahEntity Framework + bone + organi del corpo umano e funzioniBone Entity FrameworkTelaio sono raggruppati in sei parti , ovvero la colonna vertebrale , sterno , costole o nervature , le ossa del cingolo scapolare , e le ossa del cingolo pelvico .La spina dorsale è costituita da un segmento a breve osso pari a 33 con i seguenti dati :

7 vertebre del collo
12 vertebra
5 vertebre lombari
5 vertebra sacrale
4 vertebre della coda

Sterno compone di tre parti :

parte huluh
Parte sprona spada

Rib o costole, per un totale di dodici coppie con i seguenti dati :

7 paia di costole vere
3 paia di costole false
2 paia di costole galleggiante

Spalla cintura ossea , che consiste di due ossa :

2 scapola
2 della clavicola

Bisnis Internet c . Ossa Framework ConsiglieriArto scheletro sono raggruppati in due parti : ossa degli arti superiori e ossa degli arti inferiori.Bone ossa degli arti superiori sono composti da :

2 osso del braccio
2 ulna
2 Leva di osso
Osso del polso
Palme Bone
Vertebra ossa delle dita
Bassa osso arto è composto di ossa :

2 femore
2 shin
2 perone
Ossa del piede alla caviglia
Impronte Bone
Segmento ossa dei piedi
2 . Per Quadro per il corpoL'utilità del quadro per il corpo sono i seguenti :un . Imposizione e dà la forma del corpo . Il quadro può indurre il corpo a stare in piedi . Immaginate se non abbiamo avuto una cornice. Poi il corpo sarà fiacco debole e indifeso . Ordine dà anche la forma del corpo . Per formare un giro . Causa scheletro umano ha la forma perfetta .b . Come se i muscoli allegare . Muscle è la fine di un insieme di carne . La maggior parte della carne nel nostro corpo attaccati all'osso .c . Come organi di protezione sono importanti .

Il cervello è un organo che è molto importante . Senza il nostro cervello non può pensare e lavorare . Dato il ruolo fondamentale che il cervello deve essere protetto da essere facilmente danneggiata. Le uova sono protette da ossa terngkorak .
Il cuore ei polmoni sono organi importanti . Il cuore ei polmoni sono protetti dalle costole e sterno .
Osso protegge il tratto digestivo e genitali .
La colonna vertebrale protegge il midollo spinale e raddrizzare .
3 . Movimento Bone

Jual Baju Online MurahIl rapporto tra l'osso con un altro osso chiamato articolazioni . Secondo la natura del movimento , le articolazioni possono essere suddivisi in tre tipi come segue :un . Giunti morti. Il rapporto tra le ossa che non possono essere spostati in un altro osso . Ad esempio, il rapporto tra le ossa del cranio .b . Stiff articolazioni. Le relazioni che permettono poco movimento tra le ossa collegate . Ad esempio , tra le ossa del polso e della caviglia .c . Movimento articolare . Relazioni che permettono il movimento unidirezionale , movimento bidirezionale , e il movimento in tutte le direzioni . Ad esempio , l'avambraccio e il polpaccio possono essere spostati in una sola direzione . La mascella inferiore può essere spostato in entrambe le direzioni . Braccia e cosce possono essere spostati in qualsiasi direzione .Le ossa del digerkkan quadro dal muscolo . Senza i nostri muscoli non può muoversi . Pertanto tessuto muscolare chiamata motori . Esempio : Quando la parte anteriore dei muscoli del braccio superiore contorti , l'avambraccio sarà elaborata . Viceversa , quando i muscoli della parte posteriore del braccio rugosa , poi avambracci torneranno verso il basso .4 . Mantenere sano Framework corpoL'abitudine di piedi, seduti e sdraiati influenzerà la salute del framework . Quindi dobbiamo essere le abitudini corrette , come il modo di becco , come stare in piedi , e come mentire .

Spine piega verso sinistra o verso destra si chiama scoliosi .
La colonna vertebrale è piegato in avanti è chiamata lordosi .
La colonna vertebrale è piegato all'indietro chiamato kiposis .
Alcune malattie sono legate al quadro comprendono :

Malnutrizione . La mancanza di vitamina D provoca le ossa delle curve del piede . X a forma di piede o O. La carenza di calcio provoca fragilità ossea .
Polio o paralisi
B. Cinque Sensi e funzioniB.1 . Vari tipi di Cinque SensiDispositivi di rilevamento è un
Jual Sepatu Online Murah o strumento per conoscere l'ambiente in tutto il mondo . Gli esseri umani hanno 5 (cinque) dispositivi di rilevamento e cioè :

Eye . Poiché il senso della vista .
Ear . Come il senso dell'udito
Naso . Come l'olfatto / dell'olfatto
Tongue . Come il senso del gusto
Pelle . Come il senso del tatto
un . Sensi di Vista ( Eye)Occhio organi umani e funzioniSezioni EyeGli occhi sono i sensi della vista . Parti dell'occhio consiste della cornea , iride , cristallino , corpo trasparente , retina e del nervo ottico .

Cornea ( cornea ) . Cornee utili avanti verso la luce che entra nell'occhio . La luce scadrà il retina o della retina .
Iris ( iris ) . Iris si trova dietro la cornea dell'occhio . In mezzo c'è un gap iride o pupilla dell'occhio si chiama il bambino . Utile per regolare la quantità di luce che entra nell'occhio .
Lens . Utile focalizzare l'oculare in modo che la luce che entra nell'occhio cadere esattamente sulla retina . Così l' oggetto visualizzato sarà evidente . Oculare ha la capacità mencembung e appiattito . La possibilità di modificare la curvatura del cristallino dell'occhio è chiamato il potere di alloggio .
Agenzia Bening . Luce utile deve passare attraverso la lente .
Retina ( retina ) . Utile per catturare la luce che entra nell'occhio .
Il nervo ottico . Utile per proseguire gli stimoli luminosi al cervello .
b . Ascoltatori Senses (EAR )Ear è un uditivo . L'orecchio si compone di tre parti: l' orecchio esterno , orecchio medio e orecchio interno .

Orecchio esterno . L'orecchio
Kontak Jodoh Onlineesterno consiste dell'orecchio , il canale auricolare e condotto uditivo esterno . L'orecchio esterno è utile per catturare vibrazioni sonore .
Orecchio medio . L'orecchio medio è costituito dalla membrana uditiva ( timpano ) , ossicini , e il canale di Eustachio . Ossicini compone di martello osso , incudine e sangurdi . Se nessun suono in ingresso , il timpano e ossicini vibreranno . Canale di Eustachio che collega l'orecchio e la cavità orale .
Nell'orecchio . L'orecchio interno consiste dell'ellisse e battente chiamato coclea. Ear utile per portare stimoli sonori al cervello .
c . Il senso dell'olfatto ( naso)Il naso è l'olfatto e un respiratore . Ci sono nervi l'odore naso. Naso stimoli odore accettate trasmessi al cervello . L'incapacità dei sensi dell'olfatto odorare si chiama anosmia . La causa anosmia sono i seguenti :